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Covid 19 Health and Saety Procedures

Bahamas boat tours has been in operation since 2008 specializing in private and exclusive boating experiences for guests from all around the world. Being the TOP provider for fishing and boat tours in the Bahamas, the satisfaction and safety of our guests has always been at the forefront of our operation.

With the re-opening our tourism economy in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have implemented additional safety and sanitization procedures that will ensure the health and safety of both our guests and crew. Our goal is to give our guests and crew peace of mind while being in the “new normal” of COVID-19.

Our company has complied with ALL new regulations implemented by The Government of The Bahamas and all crew members are in possession of the COVID-19 compliance training certificate. Below are all of the changes being implemented here at Bahama Boat Tours to ensure a safe environment on all of our boats during tours.
Please note that as COVID-19 is fluid in nature any of these protocols may be changed or adjusted in compliance to any new regulations in our industry. All changes have been made in accordance to suggestions by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Check-in & Boarding
-Due to the private nature of our tours, guests will always only interact the crew for their tour and never any other guests that come before or after their scheduled experience.
Cashless transaction
-At this time we strongly discourage the use of cash payments for any of our tours. Cashless payment of your tour can be made through PayPal or Zelle (links on our website)

On Board
Face covering –Face masks are not required for guests due to the private nature of our tours, but they are strongly encouraged.
Temperature screening –While temperature checks are not required for guests, they can be administered upon request of the guest or at the discretion of the captain/mate if a guest is showing signs/symptoms of COVID-19.
Hand Sanitizer – A crew member will offer a pump of hand sanitizer to all guests upon boarding. Hand sanitizer will also be placed in a convenient place for guest use throughout the tour.

Gear Cleaning
Fishing rods & reels – hosed down first, following by thorough medical-grade disinfectant after each charter.
Snorkel Gear – Guests will receive thoroughly sanitized snorkel gear and will be instructed to rinse thoroughly in salt water prior to use. After use all gear will be thoroughly rinsed and sanitized with medical grade disinfectant.
Floats & Other gear – Hosed down with fresh water and wiped down with disinfectant after each and every tour.

Boat Cleaning
While the boat will be deep cleaned with medical-grade cleaning supplies before and after every tour, frequently touched areas of the boat will be sanitized throughout each tour.
Bathroom/Marine toilet – Washed with soap and water then disinfected with approved disinfectant after each charter. Soap and hand sanitizer will be replenished when necessary.
All other areas – All other areas of the boat, including the stern and seating areas will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after every charter to ensure the highest level of cleanliness for our guests and crew.

Social Distancing
Our tours and charters are for private groups ONLY so guests do not have to worry about being in close proximity to other groups while on our boats. All boats are open air, providing adequate air flow and ventilation on board.
While social distancing is not required for our guests amongst themselves, all crew members will do their best to practice social distancing from guests as much as possible.
Guests must keep in mind that crew will need to be close to assist in passing rods to guests, in fishing, with boarding the boat etc.

Employee Health Standards
Healthy employees allow for a healthy environment for our guests. Employees showing any signs of sickness will be mandated to stay at home and seek medical attention.
Along with temperature checks, visual inspection of all crew will be done for any visible signs of sickness prior to leaving for the first tour of the day.

Face covering – All crew members will be required to wear face masks at all times during all tours.
Temperature checks – All crew members will be required to have temperature checked prior to leaving for the first tour of the day. Temperature must be below 100.4 degrees F.

If you have any questions please call us at: 242-477-2233